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  1. Are they abandoning the old debris interception structure? Is the oversteepend (1:1?) slope above permanent–is it on competent rock? Where is the new alignment going to be? How much of the fill material has been/will be compacted to structural standards? How is infiltration, percolation and accumulation of free and capillary water to be handled?

  2. This isn’t official, but the scuttlebutt we’ve heard at the Hermitage from workers on the ground is that this likely won’t be finished until 2025. They are raising the highway bed and moving it inland slightly. And we were told there is basically no solid bedrock to hold any of this dirt; it’s just a mountain of moving material for as deep as they can measure.

    Maybe we will be surprised and it will be a lot quicker to finish, but my hopes are not tied to that.

  3. interesting images ! and lovely as always.

    that it is all ‘unconsolidated’ is obvious from these photos, can clearly see why this has always and will always be a ‘trouble spot’. no bedrock anywhere, and long years back an older, knowelegable fellow told me the gray layers carry water, which also seems supported by the images cross the months. loose as a pile of sugar and with water flowing through it

    thanks to CalTrans for doing a pretty good job of keeping ( most of ) a road working here, most of the time. I take care of my own road, I know how hard it is.

  4. No bikes or foot traffic are allowed to pass. I am sure a few sneak thru after they go home and lock the gates, but not not allowed.

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