Sunday Photo: Fall is my theme

These are my Big Leaf Maples. They planted themselves here, from the helicoptering seeds they produce, back in 1996 after the Wild Fire. Once they sprouted, I babied them for the first couple years. Now they are completely adapted and all I do is have Soren groom them for me. 6” diameter and I can have maple syrup! There are three of them, the double in front counting as one.

Soon, they will be bare.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Photo: Fall is my theme

  1. Beautiful photos of your trees Kate. Fall is such a lovely time of year, love the one of the leaf. Hugs.

  2. RE: Maple syrup … FYI
    The general New England rule is one tap for a 12″ diameter maple tree. (I’ve tapped a few trees in northern NH.) However, we may not have the proper winter-freeze, spring-thaw conditions here to produce maple syrup. BTW, my favorite breakfast is a platter of pancakes with wild blueberries and maple syrup. I can probably connect you with a few New Hampshire sugar bush owners, but they may not have a supply of syrup until spring.

  3. Get ready for El Niño!! Checking my satellite images daily worldwide and We have an 88% chance of this one equaling or surpassing 83!

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