Activity at Mud Creek

It appears that Caltrans is having the catchments cleaned out in anticipation of winter. In addition to all this activity, the pavement is showing significant signs of problems at Gray Slip. Cracking in the pavement and the like, but it is increased over what it was when we went through a bit more than a week ago.

(Please excuse the windshield I can never get clean)

3 thoughts on “Activity at Mud Creek

  1. Don’t like to say “liked” – acknowledgment and wow or sad face is more appropriate. Husband Michael managed to snag a Kirk Creek campsite for next April. Of course we wonder if we’ll be able to get there, couldn’t last year. I did enjoy your preparation post, especially the 30 # of dog food. 🙂 And all the other news and thoughts you pass along. You are surely a blessing to Big Sur and all of us who love Big Sur.

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