Two important issues: Broadband for Big Sur; and Solar Incentives

Broadband for All Forums:

WHEN: Nov. 8, 2023, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (virtual)
These public forums provide an opportunity for the public to engage with the CPUC regarding access to essential communications services and service quality, particularly pertaining to access concerns raised in the CPUC’s proceeding to implement the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program.

Consumers are encouraged to discuss all aspects of broadband service, especially whether broadband service affects access to critical information and vital services such as education, job search resources, and healthcare. Additionally, the CPUC is interested in hearing about difficulties encountered with the quality and accessibility of Internet service.

Additional information is also available at the link above. 

Please feel free to share with others in the Big Sur Area!


From The Sierra Club:

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is still considering a proposal to gut some of our state’s bedrock solar policies, specifically those that allow renters, schools, and farms to benefit from rooftop solar and save on their utility bills.

Because of advocacy from volunteers like you, the CPUC has delayed this vote twice and is now expected to vote on this proposed decision on Thursday, November 16. 

The current proposed decision on Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) and Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) would drastically cut the value of solar for renters and could make it less likely for energy storage to be installed in the future – right at the time when California needs to increase solar and battery storage to reach our clean energy goals.

Write a comment to the CPUC TODAY and urge them to save solar for renters, schools, and farms.

More than 40% of Californians rent and over half of renters are “rent-burdened”, meaning that they spend more than 30% of their household income on rent and utilities. VNEM benefits rent-burdened Californians by crediting the energy generated onsite towards the electricity bill and allowing renters and building owners to share in the savings. We need the state to do more to ensure that everyone can participate in the clean energy transition and benefit from the bill savings that rooftop solar can provide.

Tell our state regulators to save rooftop solar incentives ahead of the Thursday, November 16th deadline!

Thank you for taking action.Sincerely,Jason John signatureBrandon Dawson

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