Extend Veteran’s Day

Joyce Vance began her “Civil Discourse” newsletter last night with the following opening paragraph and I thought it was so good, I had to share her idea. I will be doing this with my morning coffee this am. How about you?

”As we head into Monday, consider extending your personal observance of Veterans Day, which fell on Saturday this year (the World War I armistice was signed at 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 and the commemoration is always on that date), by making a call this week to Alabama Senator “Coach” Tommy Tuberville’s Washington, D.C., office. Make sure he knows how upset you are that he’s blocking military promotions, which he’s doing because he thinks he’s entitled to dictate what kind of medical care women who serve our country in the military can have access to. When I called earlier this weekend, his voicemail box was full, but you can always leave yourself a reminder to call later in the week. Here’s his office number: 202-224-4124.”

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