Chalk Peak illegal campfire

This morning, around 9:30 am, an illegal campfire was called in to LPNF, and Engine 17 responded. It was at the Chalk Peak primitive campground, per WildCAD-LPF. Considering it was already in the upper 80’s or low 90’s by then, this could only have been necessary to brew a cup of joe, in my opinion. What does it take for people to get that this is a completely unnecessary and dangerous risk? NO CAMPFIRES OUTSIDE DEVELOPED CAMPGROUNDS! Primitive is not developed. Just because you see a fire ring, doesn’t mean this is a “developed” campsite! People build them everywhere, and do not take them apart when they are finished or the season is over. The only developed campsites are Plaskett, Kirk Creek, Ponderosa, and Nacimiento down here on the South Coast of Big Sur. Campfires are also allowed at the Day Use areas of Mill Creek and Sand Dollar beach.