Chalk Peak illegal campfire

This morning, around 9:30 am, an illegal campfire was called in to LPNF, and Engine 17 responded. It was at the Chalk Peak primitive campground, per WildCAD-LPF. Considering it was already in the upper 80’s or low 90’s by then, this could only have been necessary to brew a cup of joe, in my opinion. What does it take for people to get that this is a completely unnecessary and dangerous risk? NO CAMPFIRES OUTSIDE DEVELOPED CAMPGROUNDS! Primitive is not developed. Just because you see a fire ring, doesn’t mean this is a “developed” campsite! People build them everywhere, and do not take them apart when they are finished or the season is over. The only developed campsites are Plaskett, Kirk Creek, Ponderosa, and Nacimiento down here on the South Coast of Big Sur. Campfires are also allowed at the Day Use areas of Mill Creek and Sand Dollar beach.

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  1. In the Heat of August, you are definately at risk of Fire . How often have you wanted your house to be fire proof and a safe haven to take refuge in , during a wild range fire ?

    Another question I would like an answer to, is ; Why do some women find some kind of romantic feeling when their man builds a fire for them ? Or even just light a candle ?

    Is this primative instinct, or what ?

    Of course , people raised in cities haven’t a clue about wilderness training, and usually care less . Is this not one of the reasons that you have continually moved away from them ?

    Being able to overcome natures natural calamities is what Big Sur People are able to do, albeit sometimes very hard and difficult.

    I sincerely hope that this year the expected Big Sur fires pass you by, especially since so many of your readers need the information that you pass on to us ,,,,, so , A Big T Y ,,,, and stay “Safe as You Can” .

  2. And Jana and I are up here in Idaho, which is being ravaged by huge wildfires. The sky is thick red-orange, and it is choking smoke outside. Visibility is only a quarter mile. The road to Cascade has been closed, and big chunks of the wilderness are closed too, and ablaze. It is hot, 90-100, and tinder-dry. Yes, we are worried. This comment is just a reminder about just how dangerous it is.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this Kate. Only problem is most of the people that are fire ignorant do not find your website. When I do my walk through at the campground each night I realize most people here are urban and I have no idea of their fire awareness. Sometimes they say “What is your concern?” I say being responsible for having to evacuate an entire campground because you are not paying attention and we are in a developed campground. Yes God Bless All of us and keep fire to a minimum this Season.

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