Coastal Clean-up

Once again, our school is going to participate in the Coastal Cleanup Project, sponsored by the Save Our Shores, and endorsed by organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, The Ocean Conservancy, and the California Coastal Commission. In doing our part, we are planning to do an environmental “sweep” of several of the local beaches and coastal zones along the Big Sur South Coast. The beaches we will be visiting (and caring for) are Willow Creek, Mill Creek, Kirk Creek, Sand Dollar Beach Park, and Jade Cove area. The Coastal Cleanup Program will be providing us with accessories, such as bags, gloves, and data sheets to record the waste and litter we remove.

Our local project will be a contingent of a statewide and national effort that will be taking place along the entire California coast, as well as beaches, lakeshores, and rivers across the nation, and worldwide! We will not only be cleaning up litter and debris from our pristine and treasured local beach sites, but we will also be counting every litter item we collect on specialized data-collection sheets, which classify the items by category. Our data will go for scientific use by environmental agencies and organizations, regional, statewide, national, and international.

Each class will be taken to a different beach location during the time frame of scheduled classes on Wednesday, Sept 18, to perform this community service.

NOTE: Parents, friends, and community members are welcome, and you are invited to join us!!!
Call the school at 805-927 4507, or see coordinator, David Allan
to sign up with one of our teams.

Flooding Photos

TODAY”S FORECAST: NOAA is predicting .38 inch of rain between 4 pm and 10 pm today for the Big Sur area. See 2008 Winter Conditions to the right for the new NOAA forecast map, just sent by Charles Bell of NWS in Monterey.

These photos of the Grange and Debbie’s house and yard were sent to me this morning. What a mess, huh?

Read Debbie’s Story under Storm Watch, 11/2/08, below, or click on post to the right.

The Grange and Parking Lot

Debbie’s Yard. This was a garden that was on the Hidden Valley Garden Tour. Under all that mud is a lawn, now buried.

Debbie’s Porch and Front Door

This is what Debbie came home to, after fleeing to Glen Oaks Saturday night. Sunday morning, Don Case brought her the Sunday paper, and offered his help. This, the man in the photo with Buddha, who lost everything in the Basin Fire. Don, if you read this, you epitomize the Big Sur Spirit!

Oh, Debbie! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your photographs. They are both just so heart-wrenching. I look at these, and remember all the wonderful 4th of July parties we had out here in this garden, in the sun belt! I’ll have to locate one of my photos from then (on the other computer?) and post so people can see how beautiful it is, when not covered in mud!

And here is later in the day: “Blaze to the Rescue!”