Deer Season in the Wilds of Big Sur

After 20 years, and dealing with all kinds, I have made friends with the regulars. Most even wave to me. Generally, they sleep on cots outdoors, not tents, don’t have campfires, and finally respect me, my land, and my critters.

Last night, I ran into a different breed.

I ran into a UFSF patrol, a guy I have known forever, he even went to our school. He told me about these guys camped outside my gate, and how he had asked them – nay, told them – to move. I ran into them, also, still on private property. They confirmed “oh yeah, we are leaving.” I went around a corner, they went out of sight, and I saw they had left their tent and two chairs set up. I honked and honked. They ignored me.

I grabbed the small pop-up tent, the two chairs, and loaded them in my Jeep. I took them down past the private property to a flat spot right next to the road and unloaded them. I left a note.

I let my neighbor know, my dog sitter, checked my .357 and took out the snake shot and put in .38 hollow points. I was ready. It didn’t hurt that I will have the Ox, and the ex-Marine Mountain Man here at 7 am.

Really, nothing new, just haven’t had to deal with these kinds of idiots in 10 years or more. I do have a great early warning system in my dogs – NO ONE, and I mean NO one can sneak up on me here -EVER.

I do finally find guys like this funny. They really think they will find deer up near my property where there are 5 dogs barking, scenting, and otherwise warning? The deer don’t even come into my garden!