Jade Festival is ON

The 22nd. Big Sur Jade Festival is officially ON!!

The US Forest Service has reinstated our Special Use Permit and restored our use of the parking area on the west side of Highway 1 adjacent to Sand Dollar Day Use area, (**which remains closed). **Attention: Plaskett Creek Campground and Kirk Creek Campground remain closed. Attendees should make other plans for overnight lodging and camping. We will try to find room on the campus of Pacific Valley School for some of those volunteers who would normally stay at Plaskett Creek Campground. Due to the lack of room, verified vendors and verified volunteers who have already signed up for specific shifts on the parking spreadsheet will be given precedence for very limited on-campus camping. Camping will be limited to verified vendors and verified volunteers only; NO public parking or camping will be allowed on the campus of Pacific Valley School, all attendee parking will be along Highway 1 or directed to the designated parking area adjacent to Sand Dollar Day Use area parking lot; no exceptions! The gate to the designated parking area will be closed when at capacity and after 5 pm, overnight parking or camping will not be allowed in that area.
Congratulations to all who lobbied to save our Festival; your combined voices have won the day! We hope to see you all at the 22nd. Annual Big Sur Jade Festival October 11, 12, & 13, 2013.

**Closed due to Government shutdown; could reopen at any time if standoff ends, but is not open at the time of this notice.

Jade Festival on hold

Due to the government shutdown, the campgrounds we rely on for our volunteers, musicians, etc, are closing tomorrow, Friday the 4th at 1 pm until further notice. The Jade Festival Committee is considering all possible options at this time, and probably won’t make a decision until next Wednesday morning. I will keep you posted when a decision is made. In the meantime, lets hope our idiotic government gets its act together. Unintended consequences like this one are unacceptable.

Los Padres National Forest campgrounds and Pfeiffer Beach are under Federal jurisdiction but are privately managed by Parks Management Company. Friday, October 4. FRIDAY at 1:00 PM all the National Forest Campgrounds managed by Parks Management Company will be closed until further notice. Their website is http://campone.com/ (information will be posted there soon)

Campgrounds that will be closed on Friday, October 4 at 1:00 PM:
Bottchers Gap, Ponderosa and Nacimiento Campgrounds, Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek and Cerro Alto Campgrounds.

Big Sur Station remains open. The Federal Employees located at Big Sur Station, the fire fighters, will remain on the job.