Jade Festival on hold

Due to the government shutdown, the campgrounds we rely on for our volunteers, musicians, etc, are closing tomorrow, Friday the 4th at 1 pm until further notice. The Jade Festival Committee is considering all possible options at this time, and probably won’t make a decision until next Wednesday morning. I will keep you posted when a decision is made. In the meantime, lets hope our idiotic government gets its act together. Unintended consequences like this one are unacceptable.

Los Padres National Forest campgrounds and Pfeiffer Beach are under Federal jurisdiction but are privately managed by Parks Management Company. Friday, October 4. FRIDAY at 1:00 PM all the National Forest Campgrounds managed by Parks Management Company will be closed until further notice. Their website is http://campone.com/ (information will be posted there soon)

Campgrounds that will be closed on Friday, October 4 at 1:00 PM:
Bottchers Gap, Ponderosa and Nacimiento Campgrounds, Kirk Creek, Plaskett Creek and Cerro Alto Campgrounds.

Big Sur Station remains open. The Federal Employees located at Big Sur Station, the fire fighters, will remain on the job.

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  1. It is correct.. We will have kirk, Plaskett, naci, Ponderosa and Sand Dollar gated by 1PM tomorrow. We make money for the Federal Gov’t. Its interesting that this happens. Its a manipulation by our Gov’t to impose unnecessary pain on our citizens.

  2. Hi Kate. We at Parks Management hope this issue is resolved quickly so that the School can hold their annual Fundraiser. Just to add, Sand Dollar Beach Day Use Area across from Plaskett Creek will be closed also. Any questions, email gina@campone.com or call 8054341996. Thanks Kate.

  3. I was worried this was going to happen. I certainly hope Congress will figure this out in the next week.

  4. I am confused, crampone says something different. Does anyone know the status of Pfeiffer Beach, Pine Ridge Trail and Limekiln? Thanks. Pam

  5. State Parks aren’t affected and National Forest trails will be open, but the Forest is running on a skeleton crew, so please remind folks to camp and travel with care and respect fire restrictions. Hopefully this will get straightened out soon so the Jade Festival, campgrounds, and volunteer efforts can move forward as planned. here’s the notice we posted on our website- http://www.ventanawild.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1196

  6. The Parks Management website has a photo on the main page of Big Creek Bridge with a caption that says Bixby Bridge, California’s Finest Camping. WTF? You can’t camp at Bixby Bridge or Big Creek. Do they even know anything about this area that they “manage”?

  7. These are the words I sent in my message to Sam Farr:
    “Thank you for your help to save the permit for the Big Sur Jade Festival. However your work, and the permit will be of no good, without Plaskett and Kirk Creek campgrounds being available to house the many volunteers, performers, and vendors. If the campgrounds were unavailable, the festival would have to be cancelled, which would inflict tragic damage to our community. In addition, the campgrounds are run by a contractor (Parks Management), which pays their profit margin to the Federal Government. Closing these campgrounds actually ADDS to the Federal Government’s losses and waste! PLEASE, in the name of common sense, and support to your constituents who live in Big Sur, use your authority to waiver these UNNECESSARY closures. As voters, we will be watching your leadership carefully to see how you truly care and perform in being able to help our community against the horrendous and unnecessary “collateral damage”, which has been directed against the common citizenry, and local communities. The quality of of care you give in protecting the innocent populace of our community will determine how we vote in the upcoming elections. Be assured of how deeply the community feels about the Congress holding the country hostage as a pawn in a political feud. And we are watching your performance, “when the chips are down.” Your constituents in Big Sur are being badly damaged, and are calling for your help. PLEASE respond”

  8. The employees for Parks Mgt. Company are very hopeful concerning a resolution to this shutdown. It is true that these campgrounds generate income for USFS and are not a liability on the taxpayers.
    All of our staff are currently working on tasks that normally we would do in the winter with the spirit that this will end soon. We welcome the phone call to open the gates up.
    We chose not to just lock it up and leave on friday Oct 4th because my superiors believe in doing the right thing in taking advantage of this break and doing catch up maintenance.
    We certainly can’t sustain this financial drain too long. Needless to say we are all nervous about this political mess.
    We hope to see a successful Jade festival and happy campers very soon!

    Bob Eden
    PMC Regional Mgr (Big Sur)

  9. Bob,
    That is very cool of you and the Parks Management folks to have the care and passion to “stick with it” through thick and thin. Your extra work on projects you otherwise not have time to cover will be very worth it, and you will, in time reap the good karma. As disgusting as the political deadlock is, the main thing we can do is to carry on and do our best with what we are dealt. We as citizens, set a good example for others to follow….particularly those politicians, who should “get a clue”.
    So hats off to you.
    -Captain Lingcod

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