Local School Board seeks community input

To The Pacific Valley School Community:

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members,

The BSUSD board of Trustees are requesting your input on a matter that has been brought to the board and will be voted on in the near future, either at a open public special meeting or the next regularly scheduled open public meeting on May 26 at 6:30 pm

Luvlab Productions, a private locally owned business whose partners include Mike and Lucas Handy, has asked to use the PV school campus for parking for up to 150 cars for their Big Surreal Event up Willow Creek, scheduled for June 26,27,28  2015. The campus would be used for parking  for three days. LuvLabs has offered to compensate Pacifc Valley School. Safety and legal issues are being considered on both sides.

As representatives of the community, the board welcomes your feedback. Please reply to this email address onlybsusdboard@gmail.com. All input and  information submitted will be presented at the next meeting for review. 

There will be no response to your email. However, the board encourages you to come to the next meeting or call Gordon if you would like more information and/or details. 

Thank you for your participation.
The BSUSD Board of Trustees