Local School Board seeks community input

To The Pacific Valley School Community:

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members,

The BSUSD board of Trustees are requesting your input on a matter that has been brought to the board and will be voted on in the near future, either at a open public special meeting or the next regularly scheduled open public meeting on May 26 at 6:30 pm

Luvlab Productions, a private locally owned business whose partners include Mike and Lucas Handy, has asked to use the PV school campus for parking for up to 150 cars for their Big Surreal Event up Willow Creek, scheduled for June 26,27,28  2015. The campus would be used for parking  for three days. LuvLabs has offered to compensate Pacifc Valley School. Safety and legal issues are being considered on both sides.

As representatives of the community, the board welcomes your feedback. Please reply to this email address onlybsusdboard@gmail.com. All input and  information submitted will be presented at the next meeting for review. 

There will be no response to your email. However, the board encourages you to come to the next meeting or call Gordon if you would like more information and/or details. 

Thank you for your participation.
The BSUSD Board of Trustees

7 thoughts on “Local School Board seeks community input

  1. The phone number to call for more information from Superintendent/Principal Gordon Piffero at Big Sur Unified School District/Pacific Valley School: 805-927-4507
    -Susan Perry, Administrative Assistant

  2. Mark Michelson here, The Handys are exploiting are privacy for there profit.
    They can’t park there party cars on there property? I don’t get the mentality of them coming here and doing what they want with out regard to the people that live here. No regard what so ever, it stinks, on sanitation land use the garbage it brings. Take it some place else, to people that don’t care.
    Thank you

  3. It amazes me how off and lopsided people’s opinions and beliefs for what we are trying to create. Exploiting “our” privacy for profit?? Go talk to the land owner about HIS thoughts on our PRIVATE INVITE-ONLY gathering on HIS property. This is NOT a commercial event, we have never made any profit, only spent money for other’s enjoyment. Come to the board meeting and see firsthand from us what we are about. There are 8 members of my team. It’s not just “The Handys” 5 out of the 8 live in Big Sur, and 2 of the 5 that live here (not including my self and brother) have lived here on this coast their entire lives (over 30 years) Don’t make judgements and assumptions without knowing the facts. It most certainly shows voluntary ignorance. We do care about our neighbors and I am open to answer any questions or concerns that any of my neighbors have. Big Sur is a creative wonderland that inspires people to create and share their passions of music, and art with others. Don’t blame it on “The Handys” it has nothing to do with the rest of my family, and more to do with the creativity that my self and my team aspire to share with OUR community. Give me a call and ask questions rather than get behind a computer screen and make assumptions. (805)-234-8420

  4. In the last days of August of 1995 (?) Pacific Valley Center burned down and was slated to be the venue of the Big Sur Jade Festival for the 2nd year in a row. Now the committee was faced with no venue and 1 month to find a suitable place. Pacific Valley School Superintendent, Chad Carvey, was approached and welcomed the festival with open arms as long as the school got to do the BBQ. He knew that would be a great fundraiser! It was a win-win situation with the festival finding a home and the school finding a great fundraiser!! (The festival committee was ecstatic because with the loss of PV Center was also the loss of the food concession). Now the school has returned to the win-win situation of the festival and has taken over the BBQ as a fundraiser. I bring this up because this parking can also be a win-win situation in that the Big Surreal committee is offering the school $1500 for use of the property solely for parking, all legal fees (since the school retained lawyer’s firm is brought in for a contract etc to the tune of $500) and to supply the entertainment for a dance either this year or next. Important to is note is that the parking will be needed after school is out for summer break and no school children will be around the premises. This could be the easiest $1500 the school has received!

  5. …”this letter serves to notify the board that I am in favor of accepting Luvlab Production’s generous offer, and that the board approve their request for short term parking.

    Private events of this nature have happened in our area for over fifty years, it is important to honor and support our community’s younger members, as these gatherings signal unity.”
    James “Jaime” Morton

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