Public Comment re Solar Power at PV STation

The USFS has sent out a letter requesting public comment by May 30th regarding the installation of a solar array system to become the primary source of power for the main firefighting station on the South Coast of Big Sur. The existing diesel generating system will be used for back-up power only. It will cover an area of approximately 15,00 sq ft and the total height of the panels will be 7 ft. None of this will be visible from the highway. This is a HUGE step, and I heartily support it, and will let the USFS know that. Of our 5 largest visitor-serving facilities down here (Gorda, Treebones, PV Station, the Hermitage, and Lucia) 2 of them will now be primarily solar powered, Lucia having been the first to take this major step. Both are setting good examples for the rest of us (I have been completely solar for over two years. I run my genie for 2-3 hours maybe 4-5 times a year in the shortest days of the year. BIG savings in gas and emissions.)

I would urge all interested parties to support this endeavor. Email to in either email, plain text (.txt) rich text (.rtf) or word (.doc). For oral comments or further information, call Jeff Kwasny, Resource Officer, at 831-667-1126. Snail mail comments to Tim Short, District Ranger, at the District Office in King City 406 Mildred, KC 93930