Possible attempted abduction on Highway One

UPDATE: “A description of the perpetrator who attacked one of our [Esalen] staff members this past Friday and his vehicle is as follows: The vehicle is a silver-blue 1990’s Pathfinder. The attacker was male, with dark hair, medium complexion, approximately 6′ tall, his age was approximately 30’s-40’s, and was wearing a hoodie. It was recently reported that there was a similar incident this past February.”

ORIGINAL: “A woman was attacked by a man this morning while running. He grabbed the woman, who got away and then ran to his vehicle, a Silver Blue/grey Pathfinder, the lights were on. The Incident took place on HWY 1 South of Julia Pheifer Burns.” 

This was sent to me  by a concerned local. I was asked to delay reporting until it became “public,” by which I mean the police had been able to respond and take their report. But it should serve as an awakening that with the increased amount of people now traveling our highway, increased criminality cannot be far behind. Be situationally aware at all times, as this woman obviously was.