And more wildflowers

I tried. I really tried to narrow down my wildflower photos, but darn, they are just going off, right now. Particularly the blue bonnet lupine – you know the short little ones that are so bright, they almost hurt one’s eyes? Yeah, those ones. I still haven’t finished posting my others, and here I am with new ones!!

Lupines & Sea blue

Oh, you see a lowly poppy here, as well as the popcorn flower (I really must learn its botanical name) as well as the lovely legume, vetch. Yup, that is the ocean in the background.

You’ll probably be tired of bright blue lupines (aka blue bonnets) when I am finished with this post. Probably, but not me. They are around such a relatively short time, and this way, we can look at them all year!

dsc_1988It used to take me only 1/2 an hour to get down to the highway. I cannot do it in less than an hour, now-a-days. Gee, I wonder why?

dsc_20291Isn’t that one of the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen? And why are we surprised that all the city folk want to come here? Where else can they see something like this? Now, if we could teach them that those fields they want to tear up with their 4×4 when there are no flowers  could all look like this if they stayed on the road, we’d make some progress! This one used to get torn up, but the USFS set up a ditch and a berm to prevent off-roading, which is not allowed up here.

dsc_2040Okay, I have more, but I guess I will change hues. Don’t want you getting bored. Here is some clover, not owl’s clover, which I’ve seen, but not much of.


Some of these are not as clear as they could be, as it was a VERY windy day when I took these. They were in a relatively sheltered area, or none of them would have been clear. 

Okay, and how about the lovely Flannel Bush? Yellow goes well with blue, don’t you think? This one is located at Pacific Valley School, in Gail’s front garden. I’ve asked for seeds, but, as I recall (I’ll have to look it up) this may be one of the seeds that I have to put in a tray and set fire too for it to germinate. See, fire does play a roll.

dsc_2009I think that is all for tonight. Tomorrow, I have off. I am meeting friends for a variety of activities throughout the day. This weekend, I’ll be putting up “No trespassing” signs so that people can have fun tearing them down. It’s what they do, up here in the wilds of Big Sur. I guess they think nobody has the right to be as lucky as I am.


Sorry, I could not help myself. I so love these lupines! Promise, this is the last one, at least, today.