Succulent Poaching, 5/9/18

Given Saturday’s incident regarding visitors who are poaching our native plants, today’s post is important, but I had to bump it from yesterday’s Tourist Tuesday to today, due to the critical nature of the article I published yesterday.  This issue has already received quite a bit of attention since Jade Davis first contacted me on Saturday afternoon, but you will be seeing more and more of these posters along our coast so that we can become the eyes and ears for protecting Mother Nature just a little more. There is much to do, but each small step we take can be the one that turns the tide. Never give up. Never stop. Continue to care and protect Big Sur.


And from Instagram, a Big Sur local says: “mimihaddad123NATURE IS NOT A COMMODITY: Just because it is in the wild does not mean is up for grabs. Stealing California Native plants is a crime.😡Do not take what is not yours! Grow your own. Think nature over profits.” Be like Mimi. Post this on your instagram account, twitter, FB, or whatever social media you engage in.