Road Condions and Weather in Big Sur on Christmas Day

I am getting private requests for road conditions in Big Sur, so I decided I’d better post. While the CHP website does not have the closure listed anymore, I have experienced in the past that they often take continuous closures off their website. I do not know if it is open or closed, but CalTrans continues to report it closed on their website. ” I IS CLOSED FROM LUCIA TO FULLERS POINT /IN BIG SUR/ (MONTEREY CO) 3- DUE TO A ROCK SLIDE – MOTORISTS ARE ADVISED TO USE AN ALTERNATE ROUTE BIG SUR AREA BUSINESSES ARE OPEN.” I do know the road closed signs were still up today, and some people went through anyway. I also imagine that in the dark, and the pounding rain I have had tonight, it could turn into a nightmare. I do have a photo taken today, but writing for permission to use it. Once given, it will be posted at the bottom of this post.

I do know that the area can be dangerous, as many parts of this highway during the winter can be and I would be hesitant to advise family or friends to take that route, unless they were familiar with the dangers – I would feel very responsible if something were to happen to them. Additionally, more rain is expected tonight and tomorrow, and conditions could become treacherous at a moments notice. This is what is coming.


Whatever your personal decision is about traveling this road, i hope you opt for safety over expediency, and always stay aware. A tiny falling of pebbles could be your warning that a slide is imminent. Keep this Holiday safe for you and your loved ones.

Photo by Wally and Nola Barnick, of Coast Outfitters, next to Fernwood.
Photo by Wally and Nola Barnick, of Coast Outfitters, next to Fernwood.