New, small fire, but not to worry at this point

AM UPDATE: While I woke to the smell of smoke this am, and saw a lot more smoke this morning than last evening, the thermals are looking good. No new hot spots and it looks under control.

LAST NIGHT: It is hard not to panic, when the word “fire” is mentioned, but please don’t. I’ve looked at the thermals and geos, which Kimball pulled for me (I REALLY do have to get better at this stuff!!), and it appears to be on Ft. Hunter-Leggett, in the FLATS, in a very defensible place with lots of roads and access. It is just south of Nacimiento-Feggusson Rd., almost due east from my location on Plaskett, on the other side of the Santa Lucias.

For several days now, I have heard the pounding of the big guns from over the mountain, knowing it was just a matter of time before the US ARMY started another fire, but this one does not look bad. (Please, goddess, do NOT make me eat my words!)

Kinnick and I were both gone this afternoon, when it started, but we both saw it as we were driving home. Kinnick describes it as not much more than a large campfire. I would guess it is a few acres, or so. Nothing to worry about, but just an early warning. The weather is supposed to heat up this weekend.

Also, I would point out, that at least up here, there is absolutely NO wind, and temperatures were so cool last night, and tonight, that I will be using a blanket, in AUGUST for pete’s sake!! So, we will keep an eye open, and report anything significant, but I suspect it may be under control before I wake in the am. This is one of those times when no further news will be good news.

If you want to view the thermals, click on Coast Communications on my blog roll, and then click on Fire Info. Scroll down to the 3d and 4th maps.

Have a good weekend!

Jade Festival, 2008


I have decided to keep moving this post at the top of my blog every so often, until the festival is over, at which time, it will move back to its rightful place. It is a reminder of the event to come. All the good food, music, early Christmas shopping, and family fun. A new silk hoop painting booth is being added for the kids! Scroll down for the most current blog.

Jade Cleavage, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Planning (which goes on much of the year) has switched into high gear for the 17th Annual Jade Festival to be held this year on Friday, October 10th from 12-6; Saturday, October 11th from 10-6; and Sunday, October 12th from 10-5.

Kirk has set up a website which lists the musicians that will be playing. See the Jade Festival link in my blog roll.

This is a preview of this year’s postcard, taken by moi at last year’s festival. I am told my choice of postcard is quite controversial, despite giving the Jade Festival committee more than a month to suggest another subject.