Informational flow, and organizational challenges

… it could be a full-time job, it seems. But to better assist the community, I have posted the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting on my announcement page; collected information on winter preparedness and posted it on a newly-created page; created an archive of the 5-part LA Times Wildfire Articles; added a new Coastal Trail page; created a new Cal-Trans informational page, which specifically addresses the Rain Rocks and Pitkins Curve projects; and also added some additional information and links on the CWPP page. Hopefully, the additional information will be helpful to those who wish to be informed.

I saw this vehicle in one of the lower parking lots of Ventana when I stopped by about a week-ago. I wish I had eaten, instead of just having a drink, now.

Cielo Restaurant Fire

Reports are sketchy, but apparently Cielo Restaurant at Ventana Inn suffered an electrical fire in its kitchen yesterday afternoon. One report indicates that 30% of the restaurant burned. One diner reports just finishing paying for his dinner, and being asked, quietly by the waiter, to evacuate the restaurant. Moments later, the Maitre d’ announced to all patrons the evacuation.

KSBW reported last night that the popular restaurant was 1/2 consumed. You can watch the news report with live footage of the fire here:

I cannot get my head around this one, after the Basin Fire. Cielo is one of my favorite places to eat on an occasional Friday night with friends.