Lightning Strikes

Numerous lightning strike fires have ignited this am in SB and SLO counties. Supposedly, the storm is moving north, per a VWA observer in SLO, and radar posted below supports this. Reports for Monterey County are clear, although the unstable weather pattern is predicted to remain throughout today and this evening in the counties to our south. I have heard what MAY be distant thunder up here, but haven’t checked the static on my AM radio to be certain.

12:15 pm – well, it is here. I can see rain out at sea and increasing clouds, getting darker to the south. I am definitely hearing thunder, now, also. Don’t need to check my AM radio.

1:00 pm – sprinkles, rare thunder. Let’s hope it continues — the sprinkles, not the thunder. Haven’t seen any strikes, but watching for them.

2:00 pm – passed through rather gently and moved on. Seems to be mostly out-to-sea, now.

See the comment section for a report from KSBY about the storm and resulting fires.

Here is the radar shot (please note times of radar shots):