Heart of an Angel

Heart of an Angel, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

We lost one of our own, early this morning in an automobile accident. Details are still sketchy, and an investigation is still ongoing.

She was only 17, and a beautiful young girl. This photo is in remembrance of her and her bubbly, bright smile and personality. Her parents have been notified, and all up and down the coast, everyone knows who she is, but out of respect for the privacy of her parents, I am withholding her name from my blog. Just know that the majority of the coast is in morning today.

UPDATE, both the driver of the SUV the young girl was riding in, and the driver of the truck that struck the SUV after it rolled, have been arrested on felony hit and runs. They will probably both be charged with felony DUI, if the information I have received is accurate, and one of them may easily be charged with voluntary manslaughter. It is so sad, all the way around.