Real-time links & Monday’s Storm

Weather reports are indicating that the Monday night storm will be much weaker than Saturday night’s storm, bringing us only between 1/10 and 1/4 of an inch of rain, probably after about 10 PM and the rest of the week is predicted to be dry. Good news, both.

Thanks to Tom Hopkins, President of the VWA, I added two new links under “2008 Winter Conditions.” One is from the automatic weather reports at the MIRA Observatory on Chews Ridge, and the next one is the NOAA river discharge rates for the Big Sur River. These are “real-time” computerized reports, and should be very valuable as we keep an eye on things this winter. Thanks, Tom!

Also, I added a “real time” link to the automatic rain gauge on the Big Creek Reserve, up by Highlands Peak, thanks to Dr. Mark Readdie!

We are getting a good collection of sources of information so we can be aware and prepare this winter!

2 thoughts on “Real-time links & Monday’s Storm

  1. Very greatful that Debbie and her dogs made it through the storm and flooding (even though I don’t know her personally). Also greatful that HWY1 didn’t stay closed long. It seems CalTrans knows how to shore up the slide areas very well. Kudos to them all!

    Kate… your view on top of the world is a gift not many of us will ever have. God really loves you & so do we. Thanks for being our eyes, ears and mouth.

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