There are no secrets


Chalk Peak Glow, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

This is beyond small town. There is no “town.” Just a place — a big place, with few people. We have few secrets here from one another. If I am on the highway, someone is bound to see me, and pass it on. I saw my ex parked along the side of the road in an odd spot. You can bet I am going to ask him about it!

I ordered a new camera. It came yesterday. I had it delivered to the school. I picked it up today. I’m betting half the coast already knows. That’s the way it is in a small community like mine, and I am used to it. And for those who did not, well, now I am broadcasting it!

So, the new camera? A Nikon D90. I am in love. Really, if one can love an inanimate object, I am in love. If not, well, I am still in love.

This is one of my first photographs with the new camera. “Chalk Peak Glow.” Did I mention I love this camera?