There are no secrets


Chalk Peak Glow, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

This is beyond small town. There is no “town.” Just a place — a big place, with few people. We have few secrets here from one another. If I am on the highway, someone is bound to see me, and pass it on. I saw my ex parked along the side of the road in an odd spot. You can bet I am going to ask him about it!

I ordered a new camera. It came yesterday. I had it delivered to the school. I picked it up today. I’m betting half the coast already knows. That’s the way it is in a small community like mine, and I am used to it. And for those who did not, well, now I am broadcasting it!

So, the new camera? A Nikon D90. I am in love. Really, if one can love an inanimate object, I am in love. If not, well, I am still in love.

This is one of my first photographs with the new camera. “Chalk Peak Glow.” Did I mention I love this camera?

2 thoughts on “There are no secrets

  1. Yeah I think you may have mentioned you love your new camera. LOL

    Looking forward to the new photos! BTW… did you hear that the Pro Flickr accounts provided along with AT&T DSL/Broadband as of Feb will no longer be free. They want $24.99 for a yearly account.

  2. The finest thing about our rural “no town” community, is that we look out for each other. Last night, I had stopped at the Big Creek gate after fishing to finish up my commercial fishery paperwork. A passing car suddenly stopped, and I saw that it was John and Corinne Handy. They did so to make sure that I was ok, and not having some sort of car problem. I really appreciated that! This even happens at sea. The fishermen on our coast look out for each other. One time, I was off Esalen and my motor broke a shaft. Out of the blue, came John McKinstry in his boat to help! He was miles ahead of me on our trip back to port, and had the presence of mind to check when I didn’t arrive at the beach when I should have. I could relate dozens of stories like these about caring locals.

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