Photos of Little Sur Fire

Added a new link to the blogroll — the BSVFB. This is a place to make donations and buy things which will support our local fire brigade! I know that economic times are difficult right now, but if everyone of my blog readers donates only $5 or $10, it will make a HUGE difference for the next fire season. And for those of us who have benefited from their services, here is an easy way to donate and/or support their efforts!

Speaking of the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade, did you know about the fire on Saturday that they responded to? Nor did I until Firefox informed me. When I wrote about it, I was contacted with these photos.

Daniel Danbom sent me these photographs of the fire at the Little Sur on Saturday that he thought my readers might enjoy. Thanks so much Daniel. If you want to see more of his photographs, check out his website:



Clear weather predicted for tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/23, so unless someone sends me something, I doubt I will be posting — UNLESS I finally get around to posting the BSMAAC meeting notes, and Cal-Trans projects. No promises, I finally don’t have an emergency with my work!

4 thoughts on “Photos of Little Sur Fire

  1. The day of the fire, I was doing my commercial skiff fishing off Cypress Point. From that vantage point, I have a commanding view all the way to Pt. Sur. Around 2pm, I caught a shocking sight out of the corner of my eye. Above Hurricane Point, I saw a huge plume of boiling smoke developing with stunning speed. On top of that the northeast winds were sending the plume toward the coast. My thoughts shuffled through what could be happening at that moment…is there a new blaze heading toward Big Sur? Or is it around Little Sur, and it will engulf the highway at Hurricane Point? The moment was surreal and beyond belief. “What? Another fire…after so much rain? How could this be possible? Hasn’t Big Sur been through enough as it is?” If I had a camera, I would have had an epic shot…but I didn’t. I only had my memory. Kate, you were the first one to shed light on what really happened. And I was glad that it was not worse than it was!

    On another subject, I want to spread the news that I have taken the “Thank You Firefighters” mural down from its location at the school and am preparing to deliver it to the First Night Monterey. Ellen Martin, the director is very interested in having it there as the main Big Sur contribution to the “Blazing the Trails” exhibit. She wants to have attendees to the event write Big Sur related New Years resolutions and attach them to the mural. Even though the mural is not totally finished, Ellen and others say that it is “stunning” as it is. The kids at Pacific Valley School deserve a lot of recognition for this ongoing accomplishment. One more thing…the Winter Show held last Wednesday at Pacific Valley School was a stellar success, and the event was performed to a packed house…standing room only!

  2. So odd Kate. BTW, I just declared (for my purposes) the season officially over for a second time in two days at Firefighter Blog, unless of course you have another fire to report in the next 8 days?
    It has been an amazing year and you have added to the memories. Thank you for all your efforts Kate!
    Merry Christmas.

  3. I looked at the pictures in amazment and thought to myself the same setiments that David said so well. You would think that all this rain could keep any fire at bay. Shows how little I know. 😛

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