4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Poppin by to say HI

    Hope you’re keeping warm with all these low temps. It was 30* here in PG yesterday morning & this morn 27* and it looks like me might get some light showers later today.

  2. Hi Kate:
    Sorry, couldn’t find your email on the old back-up puter!

    Ooooh, sweet rain and no fire with the thunder besides!
    Pleased to see you and Ralph in Cambria.
    The Artist-blacksmith conference that followed was quite successful, with succulent food, old friends, a bit too much beer, an excellent demonstrator, and i sold all my little bronze face-knobs ( like for cabinets) to other blacksmiths. You’d think they’d know better…coals to Newcastle and all.Plus, the rain held off, though camping under the redwoods in the for was rather damp.
    Well, i may have stumbled on something significant, but i’ve a cold and with a head full of snot, my thinking is even fuzzier than usual. Add in a succession of puter disasters to up the frustration overlay, and i may be way off course…but.
    Under the American Recovery Act. the taxpayers gave Hughesnet( satellite internet service)a fat 59 million $ ( Skyblue/Exede got a bunch too) to make “broadband” ( it isn’t really) economically accessible in rural areas lacking other sources of same.
    I called Hughesnet a couple of days ago and asked Hughesnet to upgrade my service of over 2 years, to their fancy new and faster satellite, bottom tier plan for $60+, after asking for any and all applicable discounts….but ( again)…
    Poking around the net today i found that we should be getting it for $40/mo total, supplemented by the 59 million in Recovery act bucks.
    So i called Hughesnet and fended off an hour or so of lies, misdirections, lesser offers. condescension, getting more and more pissed off till i said to cancel my order and they could eat the consequences.
    I signed up with HN a bit more than 2 years ago and they never mentioned it then, though the Act was apparently in effect and we obviously qualify.
    Though my inquiry was superficial, and i may well be missing something obvious…
    It would appear that HN and Wildblue may well owe a whole lot of us a whopping refund and a significantly better deal. Neither is a caring, public spirited company.
    Since it concerns our isolated community, I thought you might have an interest.
    Am i really wrong about all this Kate?

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