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  1. Last Thursday, My Earth Science class was tasked to look at the satellite photo of the day, and they spotted that cold front immediately. They even marked where the warm and cold air masses were going…on a collision course against each other. The photo tipped me off that something was coming our way, so I put in a full, hard-core fishing day to make money, knowing that the cold front would arrive late the next week, and probably shut me down. I wasn’t alone. The National Weather Service has already forecasted on their weather radio announcements… “Thursday and Friday, rain likely”. This certainty in their long range predicting is rare. Usually they are more “cagey” and simply say “chance of rain”. So I suspect that “something’s up”.

    Well, we are ripe for a storm. The big high pressure area, with its wide warm and dry air mass will be pushed east with a “wave” in the Jet Stream. As it goes, the left side of its clockwise rotation will pull that warm humid air from Hawaii, creating the initial warm front. Behind that the cold polar air will butt against that tropical air mass and charge down behind the warm air. The cold front resulting from this is the one that my Earth Science class spotted, and so clearly seen in both of the photos. By the time it reaches us, the two air masses will be “twisting” around each other, making a real “Lulu” of a wave-cyclone!

    There is a chance that this could become the “storm-of-the-year”!!??

    Today, a friend said to me that it IS going to rain because the AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament begins next weekend, and it ALWAYS rains for the tournament!!!

  2. Kate I could lay under that tree for hours looking up in total bliss. 🙂

    David… We can use some storms if they provide rain and not lightening. No more fires please. Also the AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament can go away as far as i’m concerned, since we live about a block away from one of PB’s main gates as the crow flies. I know it brings in money when its badly needed, but the traffic and garbage it brings sucks. 😛

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