Storm Watch, 3/1

10:30 pm – the winds never materialized to the degree expected, but the rain picked up. Totals in the morning.

9:00 pm – yup, an hour from Carmel. Not too bad, yet, but definitely gusting. Goin’ to be rockin’ and rollin’ tonight, boys and girls! Wind in town must be bad, as a tree has fallen blocking one and 1/2 lanes of the WB 68 off ramp from SB 1. So buckle up. The ride is about to begin!

8:15 pm – I got reports of strong winds in San Jose around 5:30 pm, and another report of winds around 40 knots in Carmel at 8:00 pm. I have no way of verifying the speeds or the times of the wind, only of the reports, but with two reports, I am guessing the winds will make it here in another hour or so, at least that is the usual timeframe from Carmel. I’ll let everyone know, but it will hit the Nepenthe weather station before it hits me. Nepenthe reported 24 mph at 8:00 pm. Not bad, by my standards.

5:30 pm – nothing too spectacular for this storm. Perhaps 1/2 inch tonight through tomorrow. The problem is going to be the building of the saturation point for the soil, as the series of storms proceeds throughout the week. Snow levels may come down later in the week, as I’ve posted earlier. Will keep abreast of changes in conditions all week long.

4:30 pm – rain started about an hour ago. Not heavy, just steady for the last hour.

10:30 – sprinkles short lived, clouds scattered, even have some sunshine on and off. Will check back in tonight, or when the rains start in earnest. Otherwise, have a great Sunday.

8:00 am – sprinkling. Not heavy, just sprinkles.

7:00 am – Nothing, yet, either in Monterey (per pendoodles) or down here. But will report when the rains begin.

3 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 3/1

  1. It’s out there. I checked the satellite photo (water vapor) at, and what a sight. There is a big wave cyclone wound up in a tight spiral, complete with an “eye”. There is a vast “river” of tropical air being pulled up by the leading edge of the cyclone. It feels warm and humid outside… like Hawaii…because that is where the air is coming from! Rain in the San Francisco Bay area. It will reach us soon enough. Sky to the west right now is dark as night.

  2. hey Kate!
    Yeah warm here on Front Hill, 63F, and pressure rising. No wind. Just as a head’s up, I started a new blog of my own that includes garden info plus an incident summary of calls on the coast. I will keep it as updated as I can.

  3. 8 pm…HEAVY raging southerly winds. Estimate at 40+ knots with higher gusts. The mouth of Carmel Valley has a direct southwest exposure, and the southerly gales funnel up the valley for a Venturi effect. Winds like this often precede more rain, as it marks the cyclone’s frontal edge just off the coast

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