Sunset on February & Seasonal comparison rain totals

San Simeon Sunset, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

This was taken last night in San Simeon. One can see the Piedras Blancas lighthouse in the distance, with its light shining. Saying good buy to February. March is coming in like a lion, with wave after wave of rain, this first week.

Season total to-date: 27.5 inches.

The end of February totals for the last 5 years (still haven’t found my calendars for the previous 10 years, but they are here, I know.)
2008 – 45.0 inches
2007 – 17.5 inches
2006 – 30.1 inches
2005 – 59. 75 inches

So, we are still quite a bit below average, at least based on the last 5 years.

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  1. Hey Kate: Are you just as apt to drive into Paso Robles or SLO to go to town as you would be Monterey? I’ve a rough idea where you’re located and was wondering what living in that area would be like. You kinda get the best of both worlds, don’t you?

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