Budget passed, now off to the Governor

The Sacramento Bee is reporting the budget passed both houses this morning. Abel Maldanado agreed to vote for it in exchange for no salary increases for legislators during deficit years; no pay for legislators until a budget is passed; and open primaries. Two out of three I’m just loving. I reserve judgment on the open primaries.

Two of the three proposals made it through. More willing to agree to an open primary system than were wiling to receive no pay if there was no budget. Figures. It is okay for me, and 100’s of thousands of independent contractors to not get paid when there is no budget, but the people responsible — the legislators, THEY will continue to get paid any time they cannot agree on a budget. I am very glad the state will finally pay me the money they owe me for work already performed, and expenses fronted, but I cannot tell you how disgusted at them I am for making sure THEY get paid, when so many others do not.

Gorgeous snow on top of Cone Peak for the second day in a row. I’ll try to get a photo and post this evening, but now that the state is paying me, I have to work for a living! Debbie also send a cute photo of ducks playing in the Big Sur River today. I’ll try to get that up, as well.

BTW, the rain total up here for Monday and Tuesday was 1.75 inches. Don’t have the daily breakdown.