Blessed and Humbled

I am so blessed, and so humbled. Dakota is ALIVE!

I found her locked up in a storage trailer. No food, no water, but safe from mountain lions and the rain she hates.

I am pretty deaf. Dakota helps me hear. She wasn’t here to help me, and she hasn’t trained the others. I will wager that will change.

I am blessed and I am humbled. Personally, I don’t like drama, I like comedy. Dakota is back, and that is what is important.

To all of those drawn into my drama, I apologize. And for all my friends who supported me through a very tough time, I am more grateful than you can know.

But more than anything, my blessed Dakota is with my physical being, as well as my spiritual one.

Damn, life in the wilderness can be dramatic.

Weather, 2/24

Gorgeous blue sky, this morning, and I understand we MAY have good weather the rest of the work week. Let’s hope, anyway, as it certainly helps my mood. There is a slight chance of showers, Wednesday through Friday, but I could really use a break from dismal.

The pack and I are doing well. I want to keep my remaining three close, indoors, and under my watchful eye. It would not be fair to them. Instead, I just poke my head outside every 10 minutes or so, and check on them as they bask in the sunlight. They are all staying very close, thankfully.

Also, while I posted it on the announcement page, just a reminder that the BSMAAC meeting scheduled for this Friday has been postponed to Friday March 20th. See announcement page for the rest of the schedule for this year.