Storm Watch, 4/7/09

I’m waiting and watching. NOAA is predicting up to an inch in the higher mountains by this time tomorrow, as well as possible lightning and hail. I’m not expecting it down here until later this morning. Other possibilities of precipitation later this week, also. It will make the grass and the wildflowers happy, particularly if we get nice warm sunshine next week. 😎

Sprinkles started here about 8:00 am, and there is also wind. Could be an fun little springtime storm.

One thought on “Storm Watch, 4/7/09

  1. Looks beautiful down there in your pictures! The beauty that blooms from last summers chaos is just amazing. We need several more storms/rain showers. We no like the idea of more or sustained drought, especially if we get another hot summer like last. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for rain! 🙂

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