Tuesday … afternoon

It is hard to write a blog almost every day for a year, and find new and exciting things to say, unless there is a fire, or a mudslide, or heavy snow, or a murder. Just kidding about the latter. And if not new and exciting, maybe informative. Well, if not informative, then of interest. It is sort of an informal newspaper column … sort of … with a small readership (much larger than I ever expected). And, if all else fails, post some photos. People like visuals. And I like taking photographs. So, there you have it.

So, this afternoon’s foray to Cambria for supplies yielded a few photos.


And when words fail me (OMG, did I say that? And me, a lawyer?) Photos never do. Thanks for reading, and looking, and commenting, when you do. I enjoy the feedback, I really do.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday … afternoon

  1. Tuesday Afternoon…that was a classic ol’ Moody Blues song!

    Up here in Idaho, we have had plenty of excitement with the weather…you probably already got the pictures of the t-storms, heavy rain, and high winds that made Lake Cascade look like a “David Allan Fishing Day” in Big Sur during the winter.

  2. Yes, that tree is an amazing photo with the maze-like design. It is almost hypnotizing.

  3. The flowers and fence are nice but give me that tree any day! What kind is it? It looks like the huge cottonwoods we have in areas around the rivers, here. The branches almost look like they are moving.

  4. This is the Quercus lobata, or Valley Oak. Also known as White Oak, Leslie. It is up a hill, so I parked underneath it to block the sun and shot up.

    Thanks, everyone. These oaks are sacred to me. I call them “Grandmother.”

  5. Thank-you Kate. That makes it even better. When I saw your image it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite Georgia O’keefe’s titled The Lawrence Tree. She created it sitting in a friend’s backyard looking up into the branches and the night sky.

  6. I really don’t know what it is about sunshine through oak tress and I swear I’ve given it much thought while standing beneath them on warm sunny summer afternoons. The light muted but still warm through the leaves. The leaves a golden green. The boughs all arthritic and shakey in their reach.

    So I love this oak tree photo is what I’m saying.

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