Rain finds Big Sur

Around 7:30 pm, rain fell in Big Sur proper. Two hours later, it is still raining. Yippee!! Down here, I’ve had a little drizzle, a few drops, but nothing one could call rain. I’m hoping that changes in the next hour, although … now that I think about it, I think I left my Jeep windows open. Oh, well!

Just before 10 pm the rain found me. I am happy, happy, happy, even if my windows are open!!

Here is a radar shot from about 9:30 pm:

And here is one from about 10:30 pm:
raadar 10-30 pm

If you would like to see the most current radar shot, you can go to this website:
weather radar

Oh, sh**, I just remembered all the windows in my office — including the window by my desk (and therefore the computer) are open!! And it is really raining!!

Almost midnight, and I am turning into a pumpkin. The rain continues. Happy Day! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be dust free for even one DAY!

On a different note: To make it easier to find things on my blog, I have also created hierarchial categories, which are displayed on the side bar to the right, all the way at the bottom. So, if you wish to see photos from the Jade Festival 2008, or weather conditions from last year, you can click on the category and see what I have posted. I haven’t always been good about adding categories, but have done most.

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