Sunrise, blue skies …

A beautiful day to be out and about. My neighbor cleared the road yesterday, but says we have about 5-6 trees ready to come down, so to be careful if windy. Completely calm and beautiful, so I guess it is okay. I think it is a photo op day!

During the lulls between the storms, I will be posting even more photographs from the Jade Festival!

One thought on “Sunrise, blue skies …

  1. Glad to hear you all survived!

    First time our power has been back on longer then all of 20 minutes one time since last Tuesday afternoon around 2:pm. There is debris all around us, and many trees down but not near our house thank God.

    Delmonte Park and Pebble Beach were hard hit straight off the pacific ocean. Winds were clocked at 65 – 70, with occasional gusts up to 95 – 100. The rain poured but not to the extent that Big Sur or Santa Cruz mountains got.

    Many times durring Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning we thought we would loose the roof on my studio. The building shook and we had to staple gun up large flatened cardboard boxes over several of the windows since they were danger.

    Our one and only Euclyptus tree did really well and only lost some small branches. Most of the debris around the property are oak, pine and bamboo! Where the bamboo came from is a mystry to us.

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