Town Runs can be fun!

Mostly, town runs are necessary. They can be drudgery. They can go smoothly. They are rarely “fun” when done alone. Today’s was fun. In every sense.

Yesterday, all day, my one and only neighbor went out to clear Plaskett Ridge Rd. This guy is an master with a chainsaw. I cannot and will not operator one. I am totally at his mercy. If he doesn’t clear it, I don’t go out. He has to work at Lucia tomorrow, so … he went out. What a guy.

This was the big stuff he cleared. There was a bunch of little stuff, too.

Then, when I am almost down to the coast, I see this.

Does it get any better than this? Well, actually, it does.

Do I live in a beautiful place, or what?

I continue my way down the coast, and stop at a beach I like. Two great photo ops present themselves…one human, and one not.
Critters of all sorts come out to play on a beautiful fall day, after the storm no one will forget.

I make my way to Cambria, for lunch at the most wonderful restaurant – Robin’s. It is like our Big Sur Bakery, in that it is full of fresh, organic, locally grown food, but it has an international flair. And what is happening there? A classic car club has shown up for lunch.
That’s the grille close-up. Here’s the car:

Here is another:
And the longer view:

To Be Continued …

3 thoughts on “Town Runs can be fun!

  1. Yes, you most definitely live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  2. Thank you for never leaving home without your camera! I love the views of daily life along our gorgeous coast. Were these shot with that 18 – 105mm?

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