Another “after the storm” photo

Mike Gilson graciously provided me this photo of his truck, after the storm. Thank goodness no one was hurt, and even the truck sur-vived, although he does mention that it needs a new lumber rack! Oh, my, what a sight!

mike gilson's truck

Now, I have a question, Mike. How in the heck did you get that puppy off? And who did the chainsaw work??

2 thoughts on “Another “after the storm” photo

  1. I, er, um, searched the photo to see the referenced above, “puppy,” the realized you meant the tree! hahahaha

    A neighbor (up here in San Mateo coast) had his barn blow down, but really, it was a 3 little pigs barn built of straw – pre-fab metal barn. Couldn’t withstand those 50 to 60 mph winds.

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