Fire at Esalen’s South Coast Center

Last night (Sunday 10/9), a fire took most of the upper residences at the South Coast Center at Esalen. Mike Gilson so kindly sent me a number of photos, that just as soon as I can get them downloaded, I will post here.

South Coast Center Fire #1 by Mike Gilson

South Coast Center Fire #2 by Mike Gilson

South Coast Center Fire #3 by Mike Gilson

I am recovering from the Jade Festival today. No voice, most body parts hurt. (Am I getting old, or what?) so won’t be doing much of anything but recovering.

Another “after the storm” photo

Mike Gilson graciously provided me this photo of his truck, after the storm. Thank goodness no one was hurt, and even the truck sur-vived, although he does mention that it needs a new lumber rack! Oh, my, what a sight!

mike gilson's truck

Now, I have a question, Mike. How in the heck did you get that puppy off? And who did the chainsaw work??

Save the date! 9/27/09

Yes, there is going to be a benefit for Don Case, who lost his home and all it contained in the Basin Fire, but not his many friends and family. The event will be held at the Henry Miller Library. It will include: a 200 person, $50 dollar per ticket evening of food, wine, film, music. Mike Gilson of CPOA is leading the charge, with the marvelous support and organizational talent of Patte Kronlund. I’ve already got my tickets reserved.

Mike has promised to get back to me with the details of the event, and I will, of course, share them here. I also will post how you can donate, if you are unable to attend the event. Stay tuned …