Fire at Esalen’s South Coast Center

Last night (Sunday 10/9), a fire took most of the upper residences at the South Coast Center at Esalen. Mike Gilson so kindly sent me a number of photos, that just as soon as I can get them downloaded, I will post here.

South Coast Center Fire #1 by Mike Gilson

South Coast Center Fire #2 by Mike Gilson

South Coast Center Fire #3 by Mike Gilson

I am recovering from the Jade Festival today. No voice, most body parts hurt. (Am I getting old, or what?) so won’t be doing much of anything but recovering.

14 thoughts on “Fire at Esalen’s South Coast Center

  1. My heart goes out to Esalen and all the weary firefighters. You could smell the smoke at Pfeiffer Ridge just now.

  2. How very sad, to lose your residence. I hope everyone, firefighters included, are all safe and well. May you have a restful day and better soon Kate!

  3. An important loss to Esalen. On the bright side, I’m sure that all of the loving folks there will be sharing their spaces with the newly homeless staff until other arrangements can be made. Pain is always managed better in a close community.

  4. Red Cross is in the lodge now providing good support to our fellow Esalen friends. Monday 3:00pm.

  5. I am sorry to hear about this devastating fire. My heart goes out to all those who were impacted. Also glad to hear that the Red Cross is helping out.

  6. Does anybody know how it started, the extent of the damage and if its all under control?

  7. I’m so sorry. Thank goodness for the rain in the previous days and the quick action of the firefighters. I’m glad it didn’t spread any further.
    Best of luck to all those who are now homeless.

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