5 thoughts on “Esalen Fire Aftermath

  1. Man, this is heartbreaking. I’ve never been there and know zip about the place but by God housing is impossible to find in Big Sur and I hate to see anything habitable waylaid. Something or somebody set fire to somebody’s future somebody’s vision/home/work got interrupted. Is it being rebuilt.

  2. Scarry!!! Pray & hope it will be restored soon with everyone’s help. 🙂

  3. This is very heartbreaking and I am saddened for all who have been affected by this, some I know and all are such a part of our Big Sur community in one way or another. My heart is weeping with you and we are back to time being the healing factor. Thankful for their community to help them through this. Much love.

  4. AHHH South Coast … so Sorry for Personal Things taken by the Fire.

    Will be on Property next Sunday


  5. I lost all of my belongings in the fire in Corte Madera, had only enough time to wake up my neighbors, and tell them to grab what they could carry.
    I’m sorry for all of your losses. The consequences are unthinkable.

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