Today’s weather report, 12/5

The Watchers, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

This is what the cold looked like today. 38 degrees at 3 in the afternoon, on the California Coast!

Water pump replaced today, Propane all full up, to town tomorrow for the extra dog food, people food, candles, extra gas, and sundry other items, just in case. Never hurts to be prepared!

3 thoughts on “Today’s weather report, 12/5

  1. It is so foggy for 3 in the afternoon. The composition is gorgeous in this, Kate. I like how the trees swerve upward through the format. The road below and where the fog begins gives this a heightened feeling. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Kate! 39 in the afternoon? Oh my! I’m getting at least to 45 here in the gulch! Nice snowfall on your blog. I just love it.

  3. Expecting snow East of you over here in Fresno tonight or tomorrow morning. If you don’t get a dusting I will be surprised. Winter wonderland on your perch Kate.

    Be warm!

    PS, your snow flakes in the template is way too cool!

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