Storm Watch, Sunday 12/6

This morning I watched as the storm moved in. I was out before 8 am today, as I had many appointments along my day. First met the ex at the school at 8:30 am. It forced me to get on the road down my hill, bringing me scenes such as this one:

I have a number of other photos to upload, but I have tried for hours!! The rain started at 10:00 pm, down here, but has tapered out at 10:40 pm. There were earlier incidences of rain, further north this afternoon, but this is the first down here. I have spent several hours trying to upload the second photograph, and I give up.

It is midnight, the rain is pouring. I am falling asleep, I can only try again in the morning.

6 am. I can upload more, and will post a weather watch shortly.

The two below (if they will upload) were taken from Rocky Point Restaurant, around 3 pm Sunday afternoon. The sunlight on the sea left us with a silvery glow.

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