Just North of Pitkin’s Curve

Just North of Pitkin’s Curve, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

Some equipment standing by for the building of the Rain Rocks/Pitkins Curve rock shed and bridge that will proceed over the next four years.

Figured I would share this while we have a short break in the storms. Also, I will provide further information about the proposed cloud seeding here in this post later in the day.

BTW, everything is completely frozen up here. I don’t even want to step outside until some melting has happened for fear of falling flat on my … There was actually ice on the INSIDE of my windows! Brrrr ….

One thought on “Just North of Pitkin’s Curve

  1. It looks like the same old cloud seeding we have been doing for many years. In the larger scheme of things it males little difference.
    There are much more serious human/environmental influences that urgently need remediation.
    Save your ammunition.

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