Just How Cold Is It?

I knew you were asking yourself that question. I haven’t looked at the thermometer, BUT, I can show you!

This was Monday night:

This was late this afternoon:

The water in the dog’s dish outside had been frozen for three DAYS! The lowest temperature I’ve ever recorded up here, and I don’t remember the year (would have to check all those calendars which are packed away) is 19 degrees, F. The highest has been 117 degrees. A land of extremes. That’s Big Sur.

And here is a great set of photos from the Mt. Wilson Observatory, one taken during the Station Fire, and the other taken yesterday. Firefighterblog put these together for us. Can you say Fire and Ice??

Snow Blankets 2009 California Fire Grounds

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2 thoughts on “Just How Cold Is It?

  1. Back in about 1966 when I first came to Big Sur I use to camp at the Plaskett Ridge Campsite, (which turned out to be on your property.) I would stay for weeks and eat my Granola and mushroom soup with tuna casserole. It got as low as 17 degrees inside my VW Bus one time and that was with a gas stove burning on occasion.

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