Weather Report, 12/12/09

5:30 pm – 3.25 for the day, 5.25 for the last 24 hours, and 23.35 for the season. It is currently raining. More rain reports tomorrow, if warranted.

3:30 pm – rain stopped around 3, and up to 2.25 since noon, 3.25 since 9 am. One last rain received report just before dark.

2:00 pm – just shy of 2 inches since noon, with no let up yet apparent.

12:30 pm – it has been pouring the last 1/2 hour. Looks like .65 inches since noon, but I’m not going out to verify! I will give a 24-hour rain total just before dark, while continuing posting updates during the day, if warranted.

Noon – 1/2 inch in the last hour. That’s a total of 4 and 1/2 since yesterday morning. The wind is rather a significant factor. Got soaking wet emptying the rain gague, and checking it, taping it up on the bottom with that wonderful silver tape. Every gal should have that in her tool box. Oh, and you guys, too!

11:00 am – 1/2 inch in the last 2 hours.

9:00 am – serious, but short lived cloud burst, but rain continues.

Received 2.0 inches during the night, for a season total of 20.1″ unless, of course, my rain gauge is leaking, which means I got more. Will check on everything today, before the next one hits.

2 thoughts on “Weather Report, 12/12/09

  1. Hi Kate,
    Just did another rain gauge check here in Paso…had 2.0 on 11th an 1.8 on the 12th…so 3.8 for two days and is raining right now. Take care Kate and will ttyl.

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