Let there be peace on Earth …

bigsurkate Xmas Card, originally uploaded by wind_dancer.

… and let it begin with me. These are all objects in my cottage, put together for this year’s web-based Christmas Card.

And yesterday, Christmas Eve., in gorgeous sunshine, I finally planted the Tulips that were beginning to sprout, and tossed handfuls of wildflower seeds in the raised bed I had prepared. My gift to myself this season is the planting, the sprouting, and the flowering of nature outside my cottage door. That, and the Makita driller & driver set I found on sale at that Orange Store! A gal’s gotta have her own driller & driver! (my other one was eaten by the dogs, a few years back.)

Today, Christmas Day, I will be attending a Christmas Open House, one mountain south of me — a chance to see neighbors and friends I only get to see a couple of times a year. Merry Christmas, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Let there be peace on Earth …

  1. Merry Christmas Kate! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures and words with us!

  2. Not sure if anyone is looking for two dogs but there was 2 on Sandollar beach today about 4:00 pm North end. One was short and black not feeling well throwing up from front and back end. The other dog was black and tan tall and slender.Not sure of the breed . I asked some people and they said saw them at Plasket early in the day. I was hoping someone might get this out to the right person. The slender dog did not want to leave her friend that was sick. I m pretty sure the slender dog had a bell on her neck.Thanks, Stacey

  3. Just a follow-up on Stacey’s post. I recognized the description of the dogs. The dogs belong to my neighbor, who is out of town. I called him several times, but his phone was on voice mail. I went to his house twice tonight, and his dog sitter would not answer the door the first time, but then I took someone else, who was willing to walk into the house when the dog sitter did not answer the door.

    Stacey and her husband have gone back to Sand Dollar to look for the dogs, and if found, will take them home with them until my neighbor returns, or we find out what to do with them. Stacey, if you read this, if the black dog needs to see the vet, I am willing pay for the vet if you can take him, or will help to see what we can do until my neighbor returns.

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