A Big Sur Christmas

Tonight, around 6 pm Stacey, a reader of this blog, posted a notice about 2 lost dogs on my “Let there be peace” posting. Strange, I thought. Those sound like my neighbors dogs. In the next hour or so, I called my neighbor, went to his house, twice, determined my neighbor was out of town, and the dog sitter said the dogs were missing. He was just sitting there, doing nothing. He wasn’t looking for them.

I notified Stacey that the dogs were indeed my neighbor’s dogs. She knew my neighbor, and worked with him. So Stacey and her husband went out on Christmas Day evening to look for the dogs, and thankfully, found them and took them home. This is probably the best Christmas gift my neighbor got this year. This is what Big Sur does. We take care of each other, and our fur kids. Thank you Stacey for caring and taking the time on this holiday to recover my neighbor’s fur kids for him.

On another note, the photos below depict what often happens on a Big Sur Christmas — gifts of Jade.

Thank you, CK. What Christmas is complete without the Big Sur Jade?

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  1. And the postscript to this story? My neighbor got the many messages I left, didn’t sleep much at all, and is now driving back to pick up his dogs at Stacey’s house. The dog sitter will no longer be asked to dog sit.

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