Trail clearing by explosives in Big Sur

Today’s Pinecone has an article you might be interested in, penned by Chris Counts. Here is the lead-in:

“A TRAIL crew will use explosives as part of an effort to
remove trees and improve accessibility for hikers along the
Pine Ridge and Terrace Creek trails in Big Sur.

The project begins Jan. 11 and is expected to be completed
by Jan. 22.

Surprisingly, use of explosives is often considered a better
alternative to the use of chainsaws for doing backcountry

To read the rest of the article, please go to the following link, which unfortunately is not article specific, and is in pdf format, so may take a while to download. If you can’t get it here, google Carmel Pine Cone. You want to read this:

Now, I would like to know who thinks explosives are a “better alternative to the use of chainsaws”? I admit ignorance on this issue, and am more than willing to be educated.

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