No Weather Manipulation this Year

MCWRA issued an official letter yesterday indicating no cloud seeding this year, due to comments received from our community. It has also promised to hold public hearings in the future, and to make sure we are notified of these hearings so that our written or oral comments may be included.

2 thoughts on “No Weather Manipulation this Year

  1. Good outcome. Nice to see it in writing. Who would have figured Big Sur residents would want to be consulted before someone starts trying to modify their weather …

  2. Wonderful news if you were able to stop what cannot be stopped in most of the world. Hurray! I traveled all the way to Chile in search of a place NOT geo engineering their skies. La Serena is such a place with 3 famous observatories on the edge of a desert. Instead, I am sucking it up. (no pun intended)
    I am living in Carmel now, for a while, and have been here before. I am astounded at the increase of “persistent contrails” being sprayed from the high flying tankers following each other as if in crop dusting mode. , and are a few of the many websites regarding the many more chemicals than silver oxide poisoning the world’s air. I first noticed the messed up skies early this year. I have felt like I was living in the twilight zone as I learned more and more. Kucinich tried to stop chemtrails as he called them in 2002 with his “Space Preservation Bill”… with no avail.
    The History Channel did a good expose on Weather Modification this last July. Taken off their website, can still be found if googled. What an outrage that our air is not our own.

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